Friday, September 9, 2011

Zwack Hungarian Herbal Liquor

Here's a unique and delicious liquor if ever there was one. Zwack is an herb based liquor imported from Hungary that's only available in the United States in New York and Ohio. Us Ohioans are fortunate to have the privilege to purchase this great stuff. Brewed from a secret mixture of over 40 herbs, it's like a more upscale version of Jagermeister with slightly different flavor variations. It's also reasonably priced; I purchased a 750ml bottle for $29.00. Speaking of the bottle, it's one of the coolest I've ever seen! It's globe shaped. Great for any bottle collection.

Initially herbal-tasting and almost medicinal, strong orange and lemon notes come on halfway through the flavor experience. Someone who clearly doesn't appreciate the flavor of fine herbal tinctures described the flavor as being similar to a "hospital corridor." This isn't a drink for anyone who's afraid of flavor. The main essences I take away from Zwack are sassafras, herb, orange, lemon, and anise. It settles the stomach and also blends well with coffee for a morning pick-me-up. Also mixes great with red bull or other energy drinks.

As an ardent capitalist, I like that this drink has survived since 1790 and endured a communist regime in Hungary. Under communism, Zwack became known to the Hungarians as the drink of freedom. I'll drink to that!

Zwack, you'll either love it of you'll hate it. But if you're a jager fan, try Zwack instead next time. You'll be glad you did.

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