Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The appropriate glass

When drinking whiskey for enjoyment, there are no rules as to how to drink it. Any glass, with ice, with water, neat, or some people even drink it mixed with pop (although I strongly recommend against ever doing that). However, when drinking for appreciation, for the fullest experience which bourbon whiskey brings to all the senses, drinking from an appropriate glass is essential.

For proper appreciation, a snifter, like the one pictured at the top right of the blog, should be used. The tulip shape of the glass captures the aroma of the whiskey so it can be presented to the nose in a more rich, concentrated form. In a regular low ball glass with ice you wont smell a thing.

Make sure the glass has been rinsed and dried and has a clean smell.

Pour no more than an ounce and a half of bourbon into the glass. Smell. Slowly. Draw comparisons about what you smell and try to articulate and record your sensations. The snifter is the best glass for allowing you to do this.